Convenience to delinquent customer of having instant printed receipts and advantage to the bank of real-time tracking of payments

Country: India
Launch date: 2012
Keywords: Operational Excellence/Cost Efficiency, Payments


Mobile based Automation of Receipts on CAPS (MARC) offers a solution wherein delinquent customers can pay any-where any-time. Mobile based software and hand held blue-tooth printers enable servicing customers at their convenience and improving efficiencies. Customer gets convenience and bank gets instantaneous update of payment into core system.

Debt Service Management Group has its in-house field and central team along with network of over 1200 channel partners and 5000 executives involved in debt servicing. While there are multiple modes of payments available to customers, a considerable part of the collection for delinquent customers happen in form of cash or cheque through the channel partners and their executives.

The erstwhile practice of giving hand-filled receipts to customers against payments received, was prone to error and also meant a delay in information about the payment reaching the bank. There was no way to track the payments till the time the executives receiving the payment deposited the same in the bank branch.

Customer is now given a printed payment receipt on the spot and the payment data hits CAPS – the core system for debt servicing, real time via GPRS

Project has been a joint initiative of the Debt Servicing Business & Projects Team and The Technology Team of the bank. This is first of its kind initiative implemented for debt servicing in Indian Banking Industry at such wide scale. The project has been now implemented at more than 50 locations across the country and over 200,000 customers have been serviced through this project.

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Key contact
Sandeep Sethi
General Manager-Service Improvement & Innovation Group
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