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The LANDBANK Mobile Loan Saver (LMLS) is the first paperless, mobile-enabled, savings-linked, payroll account-backed and fully electronic salary loan program in the Philippines.

Country: Philippines
Launch date: 2015
Keywords: Savings


In the Philippines, most banks require numerous forms and income documentation before you can avail of a loan. These manual steps bring about the long processing time which normally takes at least a week and makes the process not only frustrating but cumbersome to any Filipino trying to make a loan.

Addressing the need to reinvent and automate this process, LANDBANK and Voyager Innovations Inc. launched the LANDBANK Mobile Loan Saver – the first of its kind, mobile-enabled, savings-linked, payroll account-backed, and fully electronic salary loan program in the country (perhaps even the world). Its main competitors are financial institutions which currently offer similar loans, albeit through the traditional channels.

LANDBANK and Voyager worked closely together on this project – from the conceptualization, research, product design and concept, up to the actual development, and the commercial launch in January 2014.

As of August 2016, LANDBANK has disbursed PhP11.5 billion in salary loans to more than 70,000 borrowers from over 1,200 participating agencies nationwide.

Following the successful roll-out to government and private employees – LMLS was recently expanded to cover small farmers, small and medium enterprises, and Overseas Filipinos – who are among the Bank’s priority sectors. This is in line with LANDBANK’s thrust to promote greater financial inclusion by bringing more Filipinos, especially in the countryside, into the fold of formal financial services.

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