PeoPay – innovative mobile payments system Bank Pekao

PeoPay is complete mobile payments eco-system for smartphones allowing fast payments in traditional shops and Internet, p2p transfers, ATM withdrawals and payments acceptance in PeoPay mPOS.

Country: Poland
Launch date: 2013
Keywords: ATM, P2P Payments/Money Transfer, Payments


750 ths of sales points in Poland still accepts only cash. Cards acceptance is growing but the pace is limited due to cost of interchange and POS rental fees.

Pekao, leader of mobile banking solutions, after successful introduction of mobile banking apps for individuals and SMEs created innovative solution answering to needs of the market:
1) Functionality:
a. Payments in Shops (traditional POSes, directly in cash register and on PeoPay mPOS app prepared for smartphones) – by scanning QR code or showing 6 digit one-time-code to cashier
b. Payments in Internet by scanning QR code on computer screen
c. Withdrawals from ATMs without the card by using one-time-code
d. Online p2p transfers using telephone number or QR code
e. Donations to Charity organizations by scanning dedicated QR code
2) Ergonomics: focus on User Experience – operations can be done by using one finger, access do not requires visit in branch, payments quicker than cash payments
3) Openness : PeoPay can be linked to banking account or to prepaid, no secure elements are needed, internet access is only requirement
4) Benefits to merchants: lower costs of acceptance, quicker than cash, dedicated mPOS app
5) Security: all transactions require PIN, no secure data is stored on device

All above creates unique solution more complete than other available on the market.
Project done in Retail with support of IT.
PeoPay is used by 40 ths users and acceptance network (still during roll out) reached 42 ths points at the end of 2013.

The reason behind



Project organization




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