Customer Experience

Innovations aimed at radically changing the way Banks engage customers at every touchpoint and provide a seamless and personalized experience. Brand new approaches include: leveraging personas (specific customer profiles) as the centre of customer journeys; new customer management models; omnichannel integrated experience; new customer experience measurement (actionable insight, customer satisfaction metrics); innovative management of customer loyalty and satisfaction

Digital Marketing

Digital innovations aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing funnel, by: generating traffic on online and offline channels (media planning, SEO and SEM campaigns execution), adopting Data Management Platforms (DMP) to provide a deeper knowledge and holistic view of the customer and activate prospecting, retargeting and lookalike targeting; increasing customer and prospect awareness (digital competitive positioning); favouring engagement (proximity marketing, custom audience), leveraging on content production and personalization; boosting contact-to-sales conversion (Multivariate testing, media spending and content optimization)

Physical Distribution

Innovations in Banks’ physical distribution network in relation to: branch footprint or location optimization, branch format renewal, use of cutting-edge technologies (e.g. robot interactions, biometric ATMs) to provide a compelling customer experience, improvements in operating model through digitization and self-service, customer recognition tools, in-branch digital engagement solutions.

Digital Distribution

Innovations aimed at enhancing distribution approach in the pure digital space, including: mobile and social media as service or sales channel, remote relationship management to infuse human touch into digital channels, advanced contact centers moving beyond operational support, cross-channel sales enablement, value-added self-service features

Payments & Wallets

Innovations aimed at performing payments and transactions on-the-go and representing a main gate to the new digital ecosystem. Innovative elements that permit faster, easier and safer payments for customers. It also includes innovations linked to the blockchain technology and digital currency, or driven by new legislations (e.g. payment service providers’ offering value added services, PSD2)

Salesforce Change Management

Innovations aimed at strengthening sales methodologies and processes, leveraging tools able to align sales behaviors to a more customer centric relationship model as well as introducing new metrics to measure performance in relation to customer-driven factors. It also includes innovations striving for a diffuse Digital culture both at customer and employee level, aimed at facilitating long lasting behavioural changes

Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Innovations that radically change how Banks collect and effectively manage information across multiple dimensions and toucpoints, in order to elaborate and distribute actionable insights, increase customer intimacy, create competitive advantage and develop tailored offers, also through multichannel CRM capabilities (one-to one, real time marketing). It also includes innovations based on data monetization effort as well as artificial intelligence solutions to provide new support and advisory services

Best New product or service

Innovations related to new products and services introduced in the market, both traditional and digital native. The category is aimed at awarding attempts to differentiate the offer catalogue, also by moving beyond the usual banking boundaries thus addressing a wider set of customer needs and enabling a new, more meaningful bank-customer conversation. It also includes customer platforms, intended as end-to-end, digital-enabled offer able to address the entireset of needs of specific customer segments or clusters

Most Disruptive Innovation

Innovations that radically change how Banks do business or redefine the overall banking business-as-usual in new and unique ways. (The winner will be independently identified by the jury, no extra application by Banks is required)

Global Innovator

This category awards the most innovative Bank worldwide. The winner will be the player that most successfully commits its overall vision to innovation, developing innovative projects in different areas in order to continuously transform its business model. (A dedicated application will be required and the winner will be independently identified by the jury)