Innovations of the month

January 2019

AIG On the Go

American International Group

AIG On the Go: The Intelligent Driving App for Singapore


December 2018

Claims Automation

Shift Technology

From the filing of a claim to the policyholder payout; AI will be present every step of the way, reducing end-to-end handling time from weeks to minutes!


November 2018

Armour Insurance
2017 is an online cyber risk assessment tool that gives businesses a score based on their perceived threat from cyber vulnerabilities.


March 2018

Chatbot SaraPerTe

Sara Assicurazioni

Sara Assicurazioni adds to the traditional contact channels a claim information service operating H24 via chatbot.


February 2018

Revolut Pay-per-Day Travel Insurance


Get Revolut’s Pay-per-Day emergency medical insurance from less than £1 per day, with ground-breaking geolocation technology so you only pay when you’re abroad.


January 2018

Zurich Environmental Emergency Response (ZEERTM) Mobile APP

Zurich American Insurance Company

An environmental emergency response reporting application/tool that puts the Zurich customer in touch with subject matter expertise within seconds.


December 2017

Speech And Language Translator S.A.L.T. (Deaf people service via Contact Centre)


PZU S.A.L.T. is a first solution in Poland and Europe which enables Deaf people to standalone contact with their insurance company not only to get the information but also to solve almost every problem and manage almost every insurance issue.


November 2017

Sberbank Insurance

Protectiq – World’s First P2P Critical Illness Insurance Platform on Blockchain


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