Unmanned Aerial Systems Program Travelers

Travelers uses unmanned aerial systems to inspect risks and assess property damage to homes and businesses, helping the company to more rapidly adjust claims, enhance customer experience and improve safety of our personnel and customers.

Country: USA
Launch date: 2016
Keywords: Claims Management, Home Insurance


Travelers uses unmanned aerial systems (UASs), or drones, to inspect risks and assess damage to residential and commercial properties in everyday claim situations, and to respond to catastrophes.

Drone use helps our customers recover from losses more quickly by expediting roof inspection, payment and repair. Drones also enhance the safety of Travelers’ field Claim and Risk Control professionals by reducing the need to climb roofs and enter hazardous areas.

Travelers was among the first carriers to gain a limited use exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for commercial purposes. Travelers developed a comprehensive industry-leading training program in anticipation of the FAA’s regulations for commercial drone use, which took effect in August 2016. Travelers, one of the largest drone operators in the U.S., was among the first carriers to carry out widespread UAS deployment to conduct post-catastrophe damage assessments.

Travelers began exploring the use of drones in December 2011 to improve customer experience and increase field personnel safety. Several departments across the company were involved in the program’s development, including Claim, Legal, Risk Control and Government Relations.

Since initial deployment, Travelers’ UAS operators have flown in 17 states, completing nearly 400 inspections. Of those flights, 45 percent of the inspections would have required complex third-party roof assistance due to the roof’s height and/or slope. UAS use has improved customer experience, increased safety for Claim personnel and decreased expenses while increasing efficiencies.

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Key contact
Jim Wucherpfennig
Vice President, Property
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