Trust Your Digital Documents

KBC Insurance

A new blockchain technology driven service, unique in the insurance business is being developped by KBC in cooperation with an external technical partner.

In tomorrow’s digital first world our clients will receive and store more and more digital documents.
Digital (p.e. PDF) documents that can be intercepted (cybercriminals are operating worldwide) and altered (accountnumbers, intrest rates, etc.).

How can clients in future trust their documents and how can we help them to maintain this priceless trust?
How can you trust your digitally received and stored documents?

Proof of trust: customers will be able to check the authenticity and validity of their digital documents 24/7.
With distributed ledger technology we guarantee the origin and version of digital documents and deliver the actual version of ‘older’ documents (via smart contracts). This actual version will appear as a pop-up on the clients screen, without interference of an employee.
Simplicity is Key, Transparant Trust is priceless.

From the insurers side it will be easy to proof that a document has been changed, because the hashes of the initial document will not match the hash of the altered document.

Results are very promising. A testpublic tested documents and was very pleased.