SIRI-Bution – democratize your data AXA Winterthur

Unique Artificial Intelligence / NLP to Democratize structured data for business people while asking questions.

Country: Switzerland
Launch date: 2017
Keywords: Internet of Things, Robotics/AI


Our Veezoo at AXA collaboration is a successful example for Open Innovation and an acceleration through A.I.

With we have found a crown jewel that helps us to “Empowering People Towards Better Decisions – using Enterprise AI”.
Data is a core value in an insurance company – to better assess risks, to learn from data, to steer and to control our company.

Problem: Data is not easily accessible to business people or tools are too complex and therefore not used. This is a real Business Problem.
Solution: Introduce Self-Service-Chat and to replace data-complexity by simplicity through questions

Success: initiated by our Innovation process, successfully implemented Pilot with Business people in sales and Distribution.
MVP: Implement an MVP using realtime data from SAP HANA to Support > 100 Sales BackOffice, controlling and regions
Scale: through among all controlling teams at AXA

Departments: Sales and Distribution, Innovation, Veezoo / Startup, Data Team
Source: Veezoo was a Kickstart Accellerator Finalist in 2016

The reason behind



Project organization




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Key contact
Lorenz Hänggi
Innovation Engineer, Senior Manager / VP
AXA Winterthur
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