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“Insurance-As-A-Service offering a library of either Traditional, Sliced and On-Demand products”

Country: Belgium
Launch date: 2017
Keywords: API, Digital/Mobile channels, Insurance Products & Services


As one of the earliest to adopt technology, the financial service industry (among which the insurance industry) was able to gain efficiency. However, this brings legacy systems that are aging and it is nowadays seriously impacting insurer’s ability to deliver business agility and respond to the sea change of the market.

The market is now looking at organizations that are taking a technological approach which goes beyond using technology as a supporting or enabling function to an existing business, but as integral part of their business model: Digitally Native insurers (InsurTech).

Contrary to traditional insurers which are digitalizing their products and processes, hence embedding directly their legacy and complexity, we have completely rethought the products and processed starting from the paradigm of a digitalized world and connected customers.

On the one hand, Qover is implementing the first “Insurance-As-A-Service” solution, enabling any e-business to connect to our API’s and start distributing our insurance products. On the other hand, Qover is not only an IT solution, but take care of the whole insurance value chain, from product creation to managing operation and customer relationship.

• Sliced: Qover aims to establish a full library of sliced products. “Sliced” is about cutting traditional non-life insurance products into smaller, non-overlapping coverage elements. These allow the customer to pick and choose to build a personalized insurance solution.
• On-Demand: Coverage may be purchased in time frames ranging from one day up to several years. It can be cancelled at any time and options can be added and removed when necessary.
• Digital: Qover has built a completely digital back- and front-end, highly scalable, with a micro-services architecture aimed at providing a best-in-class customer experience.
• Infrastructure for consumer businesses: The solution has been created for businesses willing to add complementary consumer insurance solutions to their own products, generating new sources of revenue. Qover easy-to-use and robust APIs are designed for seamless integration within any ecosystems (website, app or own IT systems).

Qover does not consider traditional insurance and re-insurance companies as natural competitors but mainly looks at the InsurTech industry for innovative startups to compete with. In the meantime, we are deeply convinced that Insurtech like Qover are mend to take care of the front office of Insurance while traditional carriers will do what they do best: carry the insurance risk.

A proof of concept has been implemented in Belgium to test the solution on the market.

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Key contact
Eleonore Speeckaert
Marketing and Communication, Insurtech ninja
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