Predictive Profiling and Pricing


Margins are under pressure in an increasingly competitive insurance market. Digital insurer InShared therefore invested heavily in pricing and marketing in a way that fits the low-cost business model; automated.

Where segmentation used to be sufficient, personalisation makes InShared (or any insurer) truly distinctive. Both in terms of customer experience and in profits. Following the example of Amazon in retail.

For any online player it is basically about a simple equation: profits = traffic x conversion x margin (pricing)

2016 InShared initiated a data driven project around predictive profiling. For every customer that visits our website we can predict 90% accurately what the chances are he will become a client. In addition, we recognise his buying behaviour so that the website and marketing efforts are adjusted automatically. As a result, every journey is potentially unique. By means of 100 A/B tests in 2016 profiling efforts are optimised continuously.

Big data also made pricing more granular, where we also use behavioural economics to increase the attractiveness and willingness to buy. In an era where margins are under pressure for car insurance, this helped InShared to grow by 27% at attractive margins.