New app “Healthful Dai-ichi” for better QOL

Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company

Dai-ichi Life will release new application “Healthful Dai-ichi” using face AI in April 2017.

It has two functions; “Aging & Reversed Aging Simulation” to motivate to improve health, and “Coupon for Walking” to support healthy life. We enable people to realize the importance of healthy life and to protect money for medical and pension by showing their future self-images.

Since insurance companies started healthcare programs, it is becoming trends to combine healthcare and products. Dai-ichi Life also realized healthcare can contribute to customers and society, and made InsTech team to collect global technology information. However, the obstacle is the indifferent demographic about health. This makes us develop decidedly different application which let people take interest healthcare to improve QOL and enable anyone to use easily.

In addition, social challenge and demand are shifting to public health promotion, healthy life expectancy extension and healthcare cost reduction. We believe that life insurance industry should play the role as complement of the social security system, and we can provide the value through insurance and fulfillment obligations including reliable payment of claims.

Since sales person get only a few touch point with policyholders now, we are keen to improve contact frequency through this new application. After the promotion including non- policyholders, we expect 0.4 million people use the application by this September. This is the first challenge for sales channel to access their customers without insurance products, but we are sure that this approach will be easy and make good relationship.