New app “Healthful Dai-ichi” – promoting a better quality of life for more people Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company

Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company’s (Dai-ichi Life) new application helps encourage more people to take an active interest in their health and so enhance their lives while having fun.

This app is available to everyone – regardless of their age and gender – and there is no requirement to hold a Dai-ichi Life policy.

Country: Japan
Launch date: 2017
Keywords: Digital/Mobile channels, Health Insurance, Robotics/AI


Dai-ichi Life launched a new application “Healthful Dai-ichi” using face AI on March 21, 2017.

It has two functions; “Aging & Reversed Aging Simulation” to motivate people to improve their health, and a “Coupon for Walking” to encourage them to live healthy lives. It is a powerful app in that it highlights the importance of leading a healthy life so you can avoid unnecessary medical spending by showing people what they will look like in the future using a current photo.

Since insurance companies started healthcare programs, it is a trend to combine healthcare and insurance products. Dai-ichi Life also has realized healthcare can contribute to customers and society, and so created a Ins Tech team to gather global technology information. The challenge was however how to approach the demographic of people that are indifferent to any health-related matters. This motivated the decision to develop an application, which will make people more interested in healthcare and so improve their quality of life. The application is intended to be fun and can be used free of charge by anyone, regardless of their age or if they are a Dai-ichi Life policy-holder, or not. Moreover, it encourages regular exercise, by providing users with points based on the distance they walk. These points can be exchanged for coupons that can then be used at Lawson convenience stores.

In addition, there is a strong focus on public health focus which endeavours to increase life expectancy and lower health costs. Dai-ichi believes that the life insurance industry should play a complementary role with the social security system, and provide value in insurance and fulfilment obligations. This includes the reliable payment of claims.

Since many insurance sales people have limited contact with policyholders now, Dai-ichi also wanted to also increase the frequency of engagement through this new application. After the promotion they expect 0.4 million people to be using the application by September 2017 – including non-policyholders. Sales can use this application to access their customers and add value without selling them more insurance products. Dai-ichi is sure that this approach will help enhance relationships too.

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Medias Media coverage: Mynavi News: March 21, 2017 - Dai-ichi Life Insurance Unveils “Health First,” Official Smartphone App Containing FaceAI BIGLOBE News @nifty News
Key contact
Takako Kitahori
General Manager of Marketing Strategy Department
The Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company
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