MyAngel Groupama Assicurazioni

MyAngel is a social cooperation and engagement platform which provides real time assistance, risk management and VAS to prospects and clients

Country: Italy
Launch date: 2015
Keywords: Claims Management, Customer Service, Digital/Mobile channels


MyAngel is the client and prospect service platform by Groupama Assicurazioni, used for both risk prevention and management. It is an engaging mobile app customer centric aimed to build a strong relationship with customers. The first disruptive innovation is the “uber like” claim assistance 24/7, real time, available in the whole country (even islands), named “on-site expert” which allows the client to be reached on the crash site within 30 minutes (Max SLA). He manages the claim file and pays the claim even in 48h. The second disruptive innovation is the autobox telematic real time services fully integrated in the application: find my car, trips statistics and driving behaviour. These features are fully engaging for the client as they needs daily interactions. The third big disruption is linked to the social community embedded in the application: the client can create his trusted social network (prospects and clients) and share his services in particular the expert on site and the telematic features.

This social approach builds lead acquisition funnel. In fact, the prospect can be directly linked to an agent who can stimulate insurance pro position. The Agent is embedded in MyAngel: clients and prospects have direct contacts within the APP. This platform has been internally developed involving Marketing, Communication, IT, Claims. MyAngel has been downloaded by 80.000 users out of which 22.000 customers. 100 claims managed real time with average costs -30% vs traditional claims and settlement speed 12dd vs 25dd. MyAngel won the famous Italian MF Innovation Award 2015

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Key contact
Marianna Petitta
Head of Market Analytics & Telematics
Groupama Assicurazioni
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