Metromile Street Sweeping Alerts


We first launched Street Sweeping Alerts in March 2014 in San Francisco. In San Francisco alone, drivers paid over $29 million in street sweeping ticket fines in 2011. San Francisco was shortly followed by Chicago, another city with tremendous parking ticket problems. Since those launches we’ve already issued more than 28,000 alerts in San Francisco and Chicago and saved customers an average of $1.8 million in parking tickets. In August, customers in San Diego and the greater Los Angeles area were able to avoid those pricey tickets as well. In the past year, there have been nearly 650,000 street sweeping citations issued in the city of Los Angeles, 70,000 in Santa Monica, and 25,000 in West Hollywood. At $63-$73 per ticket, that means that residents in the greater Los Angeles area have spent more than $53 million in street sweeping ticket fines.

Working in tandem with Metromile’s connected-car devices, the Metromile Pulse, which plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, or the Metromile Tag, a free, wireless device for automobiles that uses Apple’s iBeacon technology, the smart driving app uses onboard GPS to note the location of the parked vehicle. The device uses city data and Metromile’s internal information to determine if a user’s car is parked in a street sweeping zone. If so, it sends a push notification to drivers 12 hours before scheduled street cleaning. Drivers can also opt into text or email notifications. People who don’t heed the warning and move their car get another alert with one hour to spare.