Disruptive sales & servicing channel via interactive tv


Through the TV remote control, Consumers are already able to search for Médis health providers near their homes and receive their contacts & maps’ location on their mobile and get a quote on a personalized health insurance plan. Our TV solution will also incorporate real time doctor appointments, telemedicine through the TV and health prevention tutorials.

But this is just the beginning of a much larger ambition, where we are launching the possibility to buy directly Motor, Pet and Travel insurance through TV remote control. The use of a TV remote control to get a quote and buy an insurance policy is a breakthrough in the insurance sector.

Beyond this, a notification platform is being developed using power Analytics and geolocation to generate real time alerts on areas like Health & Natural disasters Prevention, helping populations to be prepared before or to be rescued after major events.

A set of real-time notifications will allow us to make in screen proactive approach to selected audience during pre-defined broadcasted programs, based on power analytics and viewer’s TV footprint.

This platform is part of our cross multi-device integration, positioning Ageas as a leader in customer proximity by providing customized protection solutions, risk prevention, community support and educational content. The Médis TV-Store was launched October 2016 with Vodafone TV and is experiencing good levels of traffic.