Enhancing Omni Channel by adding interactive tv-commerce


Through the TV remote control, Consumers are now able to search for Médis health providers near their homes and receive their contacts & maps’ location on their mobile, in addition to this, they are able to get information about Médis value proposition and get a quote on a personalized health insurance plan.

But this is just the beginning of a much larger ambition, as we are already working on a set of overlays that will allow us to make in screen notifications during pre-defined broadcasted programs. These overlays, with health related information provided by Médis will be displayed in the bottom of the TV and by clicking on them with just the remote control the viewers will be redirected to the Médis TV showroom. The overlays will be displayed in programs being watched by targeted groups that are pre-defined by Médis, which is only possible because of the viewer’s TV footprint is based on a rich data analytics tv-commerce platform allowing a more targeted and effective communication.

The use of a TV remote to get a quote and buy an insurance policy is a breakthrough in the insurance sector and this has only been possible due to tight collaboration between Médis (Business development, Marketing, Digital, IT and Compliance) and yubuy, an external provider specialized in tv market places for products and services.

The Médis TV-Store was launched October 2016 with Vodafone TV and is experiencing good levels of traffic, which can be seen through the amount of simulations and sales achieved.