Digitizing the Life Insurance Claims Process


Insurance claims that involve the loss of a loved one take place under the most difficult of circumstances and beneficiaries often find themselves navigating unfamiliar processes under great stress. These scenarios inspired USAA Life Insurance Company employees to improve the member experience by developing a digital claims processing channel for its members going through these emotionally taxing times.

Traditionally, and common to the industry, a beneficiary needing to file a life insurance claim would be required to speak to a claims representative and then obtain, complete, review, and submit paperwork. Digitizing the life insurance claims process has given our members a choice of channels, and if done digitally, they are able to complete the process faster and with more agility for distributing proceeds. Since launching on June 27, 2016, USAA Life has reduced the claims cycle time and increased our ability and opportunities to deliver financial advice and guidance to beneficiaries. USAA Life is not aware of any competitors who offer a comprehensive, end-to-end digital claims process, to include allowing individuals to upload their documents digitally.