Digital Agent


Generali Digital agent platform is worldwide best in class B2B2C platform franchising the Generali Brand digitally through our 70,000 insurance agents around the world. It allows seamless data and process flow between Generali, agents and clients.

Generali’s Digital Agent program leverage technology to enable agents to better engage with always connected clients, and continuously track and measure their own performance. It’s Generali’s first ever global distribution platform that serves all local markets.

The global platform cloud based solution with local adaptations and integration capabilities and massive global data analytics capabilities.

With Digital Agent, the agents are in the driver seat and have the ability to use various online marketing tools in a ready-to-go approach. They can send Email & SMS campaigns which are pre-curated by our marketing team professionals based on our data analytics platform, chat online with the customers and manage and run Google AdWords campaigns. Real-time notifications enable agents to respond to customers as they visit the website from marketing campaigns or every other organic visitor.

The agents’ personal websites are desktop, mobile and search engine friendly meaning interested clients can easily get in touch via click to call on mobile, email, chat or the contact form.

In addition, agents’ aggregated data is continuously generating insight at the global level, helping us improve by leveraging data analytics.