Connect et Moi Europ Assistance Group

First connected experience, enabling senior to live at home securely

Country: France
Launch date: 2016
Keywords: Internet of Things, Prevention, Senior


Concept :
Solution developed in partnership with a french startup SeniorAdom. Elderly Preventive solution + day to day assistance solution designed for taking care of people alone at home. This solution is based on a learning expert system (algorithm) which learn the habits of the person at home. Addressing several key issues for senior (prevention and emergency) by only capturing motion : fall detection, denutrition, dehydration or decrease of activity.

The system generates 2 types of alerts :
Precautionary and critical alerts. Critical alerts are automatically received by our 24/7 assistance call center in order to solve the situation. Precautionary alerts are pushed by sms to client caregivers.

Reasons behind :
1/Disrupt the traditional “téléassistance” market by providing prevention and enhancing emergency services thanks to IoT,
2/ Start a learning curve on IoT solution for the elderly segment

State of the competition :
No competitor in our direct competitive landscape with ready to sell solution (tested and approved)

Source of inspiration:
Leverage IoT capacities and find a new way to avoid the traditional and stigmatizing wearable “teleassistance” device (pendant)

Department involved (Europ Assistance and/or SeniorAdom): IT, marketing, operations, legacy, sales

Main result so far: Commercial : attraction for the caregivers (prescriptors), appetence for the “young” seniors who are reluctant to current teleassistance solution.

The reason behind



Project organization





Key contact
Catherine Adam
CEO Europ Assistance La teleassistance
Europ Assistance Group
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