AXA Sure

AXA Group

AXA Sure is an App tackling the issue of lack of transparency and simplicity for insurance customers.

AXA Sure gives our users the opportunity to:
• Capture and store all their valuables in a secure place
• Check instantly how their things are covered if they have an AXA household policy
• Create a claim in few clicks with pre-filled information about the damaged items
• Contact their agent to ask questions about their contract and adapt it if needed

This service can be defined as a mix of the need to store all needed papers in case of issues and the functionalities of the app Trov which focuses on pocket insurance.

For this App, Group teams worked with Axa Switzerland to translate the home insurance contract in simple terms for the user.

So far we had more than 5K downloads, 1 K Monthly Active Users and 2500 items saved in the App.