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AXA Health Keeper is a platform based on an innovative way to give access to individuals to health and wellbeing services, giving a new holistic protection role to AXA, leveraging on new technologies, and fostering a culture of healthy lifestyles.

Country: Spain
Launch date: 2015
Keywords: Digital/Mobile channels, Health Insurance, Internet of Things, Prevention


For Health-concerned people that understand that technology (Smartphones / wearables) can help protect and cherish their health, but who cannot afford traditional health insurance at the level of convenience and flexibility they wish, AXA Health Keeper is a new and inclusive community-based digital health insurance created to allow taking care of one’s health in an active way: you pay for what you need and you get rewarded for your activity.
AXA Health Keeper provides access to medical and wellness services in pay as you go to community members, unlike other health insurers; AXA Health Keeper provides personal choice and control at a lower cost.

Departments involved and main results so far:
Developed in a start-up minded model and framework (independent entity, agile / lean startup methodology, small and cross functional team).

Positioned as a B2C well-being, build around communities, digital, social network driven, “pay as you go” business model that is starting to gain scale in Spain.
2015 showed a good development, with sound experience and engagement from users delivering a strong impact in the AXA brand.

The reason behind



Project organization





Key contact
Sebastian Judez
MedLA Region Health business Strategy & Innovation officer
Axa Group
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