Avis-auto.fr is a tripadvisor.com for cars. A website that helps you decide what your next model of car will be by providing customer reviews on most models of cars.
Well, you may argue, that is not dead innovative, is it?!
Actually, both the methodology that led to launching the website and the business model are very innovative…

From a methodology perspective, Covéa used a pure “lean startup” approach to the project. The initial idea was to develop an app to give car quotes based on the picture of the license plate. The business objective of the idea was to generate qualified leads.
To run the project, we put together a startup-like team of 3: one developer, one marketer and one business guy, with just a few thousands euros of budget but a total freedom to reach the business objective.
They followed a lean startup approach, interviewing loads of customers, finding out what their actual problems are before coming up with solutions and testing underlying assumptions. What you can see on avis-auto.fr is our first Minimum Viable Product after a couple of pivots!

From a business perspective, our MVP is quite different from the initial idea. But that one drives traffic! 70K unique visitors a month so far with zero marketing budget…
More importantly, it is a powerful lever to detect customers at risk of leaving (they leave us more when they buy a new car), retain them and promote other products, such as credit, in a very timely and targeted way.