Allianz Véhicules semi-autonomes (VSA) Allianz France

Allianz VSA is the first car insurance on the French market that is specifically dedicated to semi-autonomous cars.

Country: France
Launch date: 2017
Keywords: Vehicle Insurance


The automotive market is changing shape. Semi-autonomous cars have already been available on the market for several years, and autonomous cars are just a few years away.

These new vehicles are associated with different risks than regular cars. They mitigate the risk of human error, but they also multiply the risk of small technological problems, and they also create the possibility of a global system shutdown on the manufacturer’s side. As a consequence, car insurers will need to evolve, too, in order to address these new risks.

Allianz Véhicules semi-autonomes (VSA) was launched in May 2016 with this thought in mind. It is the only car insurance policy in France that is dedicated to semi-autonomous cars. It allows customers to benefit from a 25% price reduction on their subscription fee if their car is equipped with at least one of the three following technologies:
– An autonomous emergency braking system,
– An automatic parking system (that can handle the direction, acceleration, and braking),
– An adaptive cruise control with an automatic braking function.

A new version of the product will include new guarantees and services, and a protection against cyber-attacks.

We have noted thus far that several thousands of new customers have already subscribed to Allianz VSA, even though the market is only at the beginning of its expansion. They have enabled us to gain technical expertise, and get ahead of our competitors. Our product was also mentioned numerous times in the press, and recognized as a truly innovative product.

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Key contact
Alain Burtin
Directeur marchés, intelligence clients et services
Allianz France
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