Allianz AI Sales Smart Mentoring

Allianz France

Due to a fierce competition and higher customer expectations, sales force must gain clients preference sharply and immediately.

Our innovation is a smart mentoring solution providing real-time analysis and diagnosis for sales force to harvest the full potential of their commercial relationship skills.

Our ambition is to develop our sales skills of the Tied Agents and advisors, create therefore significant increase of client satisfaction to generate peer-to-peer recommendations and sales growth.

Based on 2 video cameras and several algorithms (Comscope®) using machine learning, the solution analyzes verbal expressions and body language during interactions with a client and delivers a personalized mapping of the qualities and improvement areas of the Agents/advisors.

Thanks to a close collaboration between distribution networks, the Allianz France Sales Academy and the French start-up “Zero-To One Technology”, the solution has been developed and implemented in 3 months.

The solution has already been exploited by almost 200 Tied Agents and advisors with excellent satisfaction rates (9.3/10). Our sales force acknowledges effective impacts of the tool on their daily interactions with clients.