Best Disruptive Product or Service

Innovations that enhance, extend or replace the traditional offer, creating new profit pools by serving new customer segments or existing segments in new ways, and entering or creating new markets typically beyond the reach of insurance players.
7mn speed demos and 3mn Q&A with each nominee and interactive voting on site.
Attendees will vote for the Best Disruptive Product or Service Winner during the Awards ceremony.

Customer Experience & Engagement

Innovations that radically enhance the way insurance players engage customers. New approaches may include seamless and personalized experiences across physical and/or digital channels, new customer management (service) models, and innovative management of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Intelligent Automation

Innovations that leverage the disruptive power of artificial intelligence technologies (such as intelligent automation, robotics, machine learning etc.) to deliver sophisticated, effective business solutions.

Connected Insurance & Ecosystems

Innovations that use the Internet of Things to create new business models by effectively combining insurance with technology, ecosystem services and partners.

Global Innovator

The most innovative insurer. The winner is the organization whose corporate vision commits it successfully to continuous innovation and transformation, to the development and leadership of a broad ecosystem of partners extending beyond insurance, and to the exploitation of emerging technologies that improve the experience of its customers and the performance of its business.

*Please note that the Global Innovator award is a special category in that candidates are nominated by the Efma Jury Committee and only then can apply using a specific form. The judges vote for Global Innovator award winner.