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Efma SME Banking Awards 2021
Efma SME Banking Awards 2021 22 February 2022


SME Banking
SME Banking
Join us in building a unique global community of SME Bankers - share and exchange best practices and new ideas with peers on a regular basis by becoming a part of our many initiatives!
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Drawing on its global network of bankers and insurers and on the expertise of its partner, BCG, Efma offers this community of professionals a unique opportunity to be inspired by best practices and to exchange directly with those who implement them.
Future Innovation
Future Innovation
One of the biggest challenges for an incumbent company is to change and truly embrace innovation. Legacy systems - both technical and organizational - regulation, and budgeting processes are some of the toughest obstacles to change. Yet, in the 4th industrial revolution in which we are living, change is not an option, it is a necessity. It doesn’t have to be necessarily disruptive but it must be transformative and pervasive.
Sustainability and Regulation
Sustainability and Regulation
At Efma, we have created a community of executives in the Sustainability and Regulation area. Led by Clotilde Bouchet, Chairman at CRSF, this community is centered around sharing best practices, with virtual events, podcasts and articles all facilitating knowledge sharing in this competitive space. By speaking with leaders in the Sustainability and Regulation world, this Community brings real life experiences, trends and research that has essential value to its members.
What are Efma communities ?


Clubs of Decision-Makers in Retail Banking
Clubs of Decision-Makers in Retail Banking
With our partner McKinsey, we run Bankers' Clubs in countries such as France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, and the Gulf States. These clubs bring together the general managers of regional banks or the heads of retail distribution of the major national banks. At two or three meetings a year, Club members can discuss operational issues of concern to them in a friendly and “associative” atmosphere.
Clubs of Decision-Makers in Retail Insurance
Clubs of Decision-Makers in Retail Insurance
Insurance company executives serving the retail market are facing an exceptionally complex environment, marked by increasing regulatory constraints, a tumultuous economic context (notably linked to low interest rates) exacerbated by the health crisis, the accelerated development of digitalization and the emergence of new uses of technology such as artificial intelligence.
What are Efma clubs ?

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Munich Re: Realytix Zero
Munich Re: Realytix Zero 11 January 2022


Efma Communities

Efma Communities are becoming a first choice place for global executives to monitor news & trends, gain inspiration & insights, meet their peers to discuss their key issues, exchange best practices, benchmark themselves and find answers to their business problems.

Efma Communities are being co-created with its members and always flexible and agile to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of its members.

Efma Communities are the game-changer and the future of Financial Institutions collaboration and we want you to be part of it!

Efma Clubs

Senior executives in retail banking or retail insurance are faced with an extremely complex environment, characterized by increasing regulatory constraints, a particularly challenging economic context and significant technological breakthroughs.

In order to increase the intensity and frequency of peer-to-peer exchanges at national level, Efma is organising a series of "Decision-Makers Clubs" in several countries, with the aim of creating a relaxed and associative environment. Two or three meetings are organised each year, under the rotating chairmanship of a particular Club member. Our partner is committed to providing the documents and studies that form the basis for each discussion.

Membership of the Club is strictly personal and members can only be replaced by a direct collaborator if they are prevented from attending.