Insurance eCouncils 2020

In this time of uncertainty, Efma is adjusting its strategy to better serve its members. To that end, we will be transforming the format of our quarterly executive councils, exclusive groups of senior executives from leading Efma member banks and insurance companies, into eCouncils.

Efma has decided to extend its exclusive councils to the entire Efma community (members and non-members) with connection and sharing as two of our core values. As financial institutions worldwide are looking to adapt and manage current challenges, there is no better time to connect and seize the opportunities that these uncertain times offer.

The Insurance eCouncils will focus on how insurance companies will continue to operate, serve their customers, and contribute to slowing down the propagation of the virus. We will focus in sharing best practices and discuss common problems among peers. We will have some experts, participants from  around the world talking about the effects of COVID-19 crisis and specially talking about the new normality in the aftermath:

- How will our products/services be?
- How will we interact with our customers?
- How and which will be our distribution channels?
- How will we prepare BCP (Business Continuity Plans) to be ready for future crisis?
- How will it change the way of working of our employees?
- How will we add value to our customers and to our company?

Silvia_Cunill Calvet_Efma.png (76 KB)

Insurance eCouncil Director
Silvia Cunill

AndreasBrunner_Allianz_web.jpg (8 KB)

Insurance eCouncil Chairman
Andreas Brunner
Allianz Saudi Fransi

To get more information regarding the terms and application conditions to join the Efma eCouncils, please contact:

mailys_mertian_2.png (66 KB)   Maïlys Mertian
  Council Program Director
  +33 1 47 42 66 39