Digital Channels eCouncils 2020

As financial institutions worldwide are looking to adapt and manage current Covid-19 challenges, there is no better time to connect and seize the opportunities that these uncertain times offer.

The Digital Channels eCouncil will focus on how financial institutions will continue to operate, serve their customers, and contribute to slowing down the propagation of the virus.

Efma has decided to extend its exclusive councils to the entire Efma community (members and non-members) with connection and sharing as two of our core values.

Get involved in our new online councils facilitating the urgent discussions on specific topics of interest in the context of the new COVID-19 crisis – exceptionally opened to all FS institutions worldwide

We will hold a series of three “Digital channels” eCouncils on 31 March, 14 May and 24 June 2020.

eCouncil “Digital Channels” - 31 March 2020

1.    How do banks continue to operate? (pov Digital channels)
- HR matters
- Ensure resilient operations: teams and organisation
- Regulation

2.    Serving the Customer (pov Digital channels)
- Engage customers through ad-hoc communication; more digital marketing campaigns
- New features (contract signature, on-boarding, identification, quick-wins, …)
- How to support human assisted channels (branches, call centres, …)?
- How to support (remote) relationship managers?


eCouncil “Digital Channels” – 14 May 2020

1.       How is the emerging e-commerce potential developing in China during the current crisis?
2.       How to leverage AI and improve Customer Care under the COVID-19 circumstances? – Concrete cases
3.       Regulation and compliance - How did AI help understand the effects of COVID-19 policies?
- How to use AI to find the effects of their certain rules/policies or even products/services and how customers are affected by it
4.    How did BNP Paribas launch an AI application during Covid-19 to handle exploding customers contacts?



To get more information regarding the terms and application conditions to join the Efma eCouncils, please contact:

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  Council Program Director
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