Created in 2007, TNP is an independent and hybrid French consulting firm specializing in operational, regulatory, and digital transformations. Present in France, Monaco, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, India, and Ivory Coast. TNP is involved in various dimensions – regulatory, operational strategy, information system, business and human capital and projects in many industries such as: banking, insurance, public sector and healthcare, transport and logistics, industry, energy, and retail.

Today, TNP employs 600 staff and consultants for a worldwide turnover of 70 million euros in 2020. Performance accelerator for many major accounts of the CAC40 or SBF120, the firm spearheads 25% of its missions abroad. Its approach and expertise in piloting complex transformation programs, unique in the consulting market, have paved TNP’s path to a cross-industry breakthrough noted by key players.

Domain of expertise

Since 2007, TNP, the first hybrid and independent consulting firm, has been involved in the implementation of transformation programs for major groups in retail and investment banking, insurance and social protection, the public sector & health, energy and utilities, transport and logistics and retail.