Francisco Perez

Director of Innovation Strategy Santander Spain
With 18 years of consultancy and business experience in business development, transformation and innovation I have had the opportunity to participate and lead business change in different sectors (banking, telecom, manufacturing, retail, logistics/supply chain, engineering, chemical industry, ···) with CxO and strong human change management approaches. It's been a while developing business through corporate innovation devising strategies and putting them into practice in all realms from B2B to B2C; business to technology; internal innovation to external open innovation collaborating with startups, incubators, accelerators and VC's ecosystems and doing innovation à-la-start up with experimentation labs and customer tested products through lean and agile approaches for innovating inside and outside the value chain of banking services. Passionate and about strategic innovation in platform open business models and open ecosystems for disruptive business development in fintech, supply chains, iot, smart cities, urban mobility and especially biotech (new approaches to "precision" lifesci & biotech solutions and business models around the Biosci industry) one of my passions as a (bio)chemical & industrial engineer.
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