Arthur van de Graaf

Former CEO and Founder of SEEDS SEEDS Netherlands
Arthur van de Graaf (former CEO SEEDS, founder has been active in the banking industry for 19 years in various management positions. After being responsible for the customer group small enterprises and start-up of ABN AMRO Bank as a Senior Marketeer, he continued his career as a Senior Innovation Manager and New Business Manager. In his last position within the banking industry he founded SEEDS, the first banked owned crowdfunding platform in the world. He has been researching crowdfunding for the last five years and has been involved in a large number of projects from small to the biggest campaigns in the world. From companies to movies, art, business and a bank; The Honey bank of the French artist Olivier Darné. Last year he coordinated the largest donation based crowdfunding campaign in the world; The Ocean CleanUp, raising more than $ 2.000.000 from over 38.000 people in 160 countries in 100 days. He has an extensive knowledge and experience of Innovation working within Dialogues Incubator and the Innovation Centre of ABN AMRO, being involved with various start-ups, as co-founder or mentor and taking part in various acceleration programs like Google Startup Week, Start-Up in Residence by the city of Amsterdam, Founder Institute and the Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge. He is a pioneer, continuously discovering ways to improve existing systems with respect to the existing system by involving crowds/customers.