Matthias Kröner

Founder and former CEO of FIDOR Fidor Bank Germany Germany

Matthias Kroener (CEO & Chairman of the Executive Board)
Matthias Kroener was appointed as the Management Board spokesman of Fidor Bank AG in January 2009.
At this time, he had already worked for almost six years as a member of the Management Board in the Koelsch, Kroener & Co. AG that was co-founded by him in 2003.
In his current role, he is responsible for Investor Relations/PR, Sales/Marketing, Strategy Development, Customer Service and Community as well as Asset Liability Management of Fidor.
Born in 1965, Matthias Kroener studied Business Administration in Munich and New York after completing a training of hotel management.
After an employment as assistant to the management at the bank house Maffei he started working at DAB bank in 1993.
For almost ten years, he built the first continental European online broker, became the youngest CFO in 1997 at the age of 32, and then spokesman for DAB Bank.