Dimitrios Vlitas

Visiting Professor in Mathematics and Machine Learning University of Toronto Canada

Dr. Vlitas is a leading expert in bringing advanced Machine Learning into practical applications for business.
He graduated on full scholarship from the University of Toronto Math specialist programme and gained the Marie Curie fellowship that saw him to complete his PhD in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science at Paris Diderot University (Paris 7).
Dr. Vlitas is widely published and has help research positions at Cornell University, University of Toronto and Fields Institute.
The Fields Medal is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize” for Mathematics and the University of Toronto is credited with the the emergence of the Artificial Intelligence revolution that we are experiencing today.
Recently Dr. Vlitas has been working in the banking sector helping organisations like the National Bank of Greece internalise Machine Learning in its structure and decision making. He is the head of AI in the Fintech company Strands creating products that use AI to engage clients with their bank.
Dr. Vlitas he is also the principal AI in Data Practitioners ltd in London.
This start-up brings together AI with behavioural sciences to help companies to create very efficient targeted campaigns.

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