Enrico Giancoli

Head of Marketing, Analytics and Business Development Iccrea Banca Italy

Current role in Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group
Enrico is currently Head of Marketing, Analytics e Business Development of Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group, owner of Strategic and Operating Marketing activities related to all Companies within the Banking Group.
Previously he had different responsibilities in leading Italian Commercial Banks:
- Iccrea BancaImpresa S.p.A. (2001-2016): Head of Corporate Affairs Area / BCC North Italy
- BCC Factoring (2010-2016): Board member
- Banca Agrileasing (2003-2009): Chief Commercial Officer
- TKLeasing (2002-2004): Chief Operating Officer
- Progetti e Finanza (1997-2001): Chief Executive Officer and exclusive agent for Campania, Molise and Basilicata
- Commercio e Finanza S.p.A (1991-1997): Responsible of Napoli branch

Other relevant roles
- Vice-President of SME Commitee and President of UNICO SME Financing Commitee
- Speaker in relevant events focused on banking sector (i.e. PMI Committee of Italian Banking Association “ABI”, “La Società del Marketing”)


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