Yohhei Yonei

Senior Digital Strategist (Digital Innovation Department), Vice President Research Analyst Mizuho Bank Singapore

Yohhei joined Mizuho in October 2005 and is in charge of business development of Fintech related business focusing on Asia Pacific Region. Before assigned Digital Innovation Department, Yohhei has over 9 years’ experience in industry research, consulting projects for Japanese enterprise and Government, and coordination of business alliance as a coverage analyst of Telecoms, Media & Technology and Technology (TMT) sector. Yohhei also was in charge of financial system planning section to design settlement and remittance system, and  was the domestic working group member of ISO/TC68 (security of financial services).

Prior to joining Mizuho, Yohhei spent three years from 2002 with IBM Business Consulting (formerly known as PwC Consulting) focusing on ERP/CRM system integration and IT/BPR analysis projects for Aviation and Automotive sector.

Selected Advisory Projects:
–      Electric Power Co, A, Strategic and financial advisor for divesting IT arms of A Co.
–      IT Co. B, Offshore system development market research in ASEAN
–      Electronics Co. C, IT Equipment market and alliance partner research in Asia
–      Electronics Co. D, Mid-term strategy formulation for Healthcare system business
–      Automotive Co. E, Surveillance system market and alliance partner research in Thailand
–      IT Co. F, Cloud computing market and alliance partner research in Indonesia
–      Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Research advisory of ICT solutions for the super-aging society
–      Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Research advisory of ICT international development in ASEAN region focused on eGov.

Selected contributed publishing:
–      Internet White Paper 2009, 2010, 2011, Internet Association Japan
–      Mizuho Industry Research, Japan Industrial Trend (IT Services section)

Yohhei has a Bachelor of Economics from Chuo University of Japan.

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