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Marianne Crowe
Vice President of Payment Strategies
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston


Marianne Crowe is Vice President of Payment Strategies at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Her primary responsibilities include overseeing industry analysis and applied research on digital and mobile retail payments, standards and security initiatives. She leads the Mobile Payments Industry Workgroup, representing mobile payment stakeholders focused on eliminating barriers to successful adoption of mobile and digital retail payments in the U.S. She is also a payments liaison supporting the Federal Reserve’s Secure Payments Taskforce, and a member of the Boston Fed's Management Council.

Prior Fed responsibilities include Vice President and Payments Liaison for the Consumer Payments Research Center, Vice President of Retail Business Development and Emerging Payments, and Assistant Vice President for Check Image Services and Check Operations. Before joining the Fed in 2001, Marianne held project and operations management positions in MIS, IT and Check Operations at Bank of Boston.

Marianne has an MBA from Babson College and a BA from Regis College.