Jasper van Erp

Commercial Manager Avéro Achmea (Netherlands) Netherlands
With a background of Economics Jasper van Erp (1982) started his career at ING Bank (Postbank N.V.) in 2003 being responsible of the start-up of the outbound customer contact centre. After a period of three years he switched to textile service business holding a position of manager sales with Berendsen Textile Services. Jasper van Erp has been commercial manager at Achmea since January 1st, 2010. Jasper served as a commercial manager of the Broker Distribution Division of Achmea BV since January 1st, 2011. Within Achmea Jasper van Erp is co-responsible for the strategy and commercial results of the broker channel. In addition he was in charge of a Achmea broad program of defining their ‘Vision on insurance distribution 2020’, which is the fundament of Achmea’s future choices and distribution strategy. In his personal and professional life Jasper is guided by his motto: ‘Have fun, develop and do good!’. “Success and operational results are always coming from a clear sight on your market, making clear (strategic) choices based on your clients’ needs and acting on the basis of the sustainable success of your customer.”
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