Jenni Rantakari

GM of Modern Work Microsoft United Kingdom

Jenni Rantakari is focused on Microsoft’s Modern Work solutions on productivity, collaboration, compliance & security cloud solutions, and the latest Surface devices. She has a lead number of international teams world-wide and across EMEA in different capacities from corporate strategy, finance, product management, solution sales, and global accounts. Her current mission is to drive digital transformation with the enterprise customers focused on the evolution of the future of work. She leads the team of specialists focused on the new differentiating solution offerings focused on the future (including among other workplace analytics, meeting and collaboration solutions and modern managed desktop). She is passionate about all aspects of transformation - including culture, technology and people. Diversity and inclusion are close to her heart having the ambition to bring more women to STEM through a number of initiatives, e.g. partnership with Cambridge University focused on creative hackathons with future talent. Above all, she gets her energy from family and friends, mountain hiking and travelling.

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