Ole Madsen

Senior Vice President, Communication & Innovation Spar Nord Bank Denmark

Ole Madsen has degrees in Literature, Media Studies, Finance and Business Administration and, most recently, has been through the innovation and leadership program at Singularity University. Ole joined Spar Nord in 2005 and has been with the bank ever since.

Since 2008, Ole has been responsible for the bank’s efforts in areas such as Strategy and M&A, communication and marketing, customer service, business development and innovation.

In recent years, Ole has devoted much of his time to developing and implementing Spar Nord’s strategy The Personal Bank in a Digital World. A strategy, where the bank aims to preserve many of the strengths of traditional relationship banking and at the same time use new technology and data to design an even more relevant value proposition.

One of the key elements of the strategy, which we will learn more about in a minute, is a pretty radical open banking strategy, where Spar Nord goes much further than PSD2 in order to integrate solutions from external partners.