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Hanne Shapiro
Business Owner
Hanne Shapiro Futures


Hanne Shapiro founded Hanne Shapiro Futures in 2017 after many years at Danish Technological Institute most recently as innovation director. She formed her company driven by a growing concern about the determinstic views on the future of work and the digital economy in the public discourse.

Through research, collaborative futures oriented projects and collective engagement, she aims to create an alternative discourse on the digital economy as a matter of strategic choice and collective action on multiple levels.

Some of her most recent work includes a two year globally focused research project for the Danish Finance Union, which has resulted in a holistic digital skills framework and a new approach to career guidance of the Union's almost 50.000 members.

For the Danish Think Tank, the SIRI Commission she has undertaken a global study on the potentials and risks of AI, a study on innovation in fintech in DE, UK, SE, Israel, UAE, CAN, AUS, SING, and she has also undertaken case studies on good practice for co- engagement of employees in digital transformation.

She is the European Commission's independent expert on the Danish education system, and was recently appointed expert by the Commission to contribute to the strategic framework for cooperation in ET and LLL in the EU and beyond. Over the years she has undertaken numerous reviews and contributed to economic development in Europe, Africa, and South East Asia.