Håkan Axelsson

Head of Institutions and Wealth Planning Nordea Bank (Sweden) Sweden
2006 - Nordea Bank AB During 8 years with Nordea I have had different roles, all of them within Private Banking. Today I also have the responsibility for Business development within Nordea Private Banking. 2012- Head of Institutions and Wealth Planning, Private Banking 2011 - Head of Client Business and PB Corporate Sweden, Private banking 2010 - Acting Head of Private Banking Sweden 2009 - Head of Private Banking Central Sweden 2006 - Head of Region Bank Stockholm, Private Banking 2004-2006 CV financial executive Search AB - Senior executive 1986-2004 Invik & Co AB Invik & Co AB was an investment company within the financial sector. During this period at the publically traded company Invik & Co AB I had several different positions. Some of them you’ll find below. I also had different board assignments which are listed below. I also started a Bank and Fund company from start during the period at Invik & Co. AB 2001-2003 Invik & Co. AB - Deputy Managing Director 1996-2004 Banque Invik Luxembourg Fillial in Stockholm – Manager 1986-1996 Portfolio/Treasury manager and Trader within Shares, Bonds and FX. Member of the board of Directors of Modern Privat Kapitalförvaltning Holding AB Member of the board of Directors of The Modern Funds Sicav. Vice Chairman of the board of Directors of Fisher Partners Fondkommission AB Vice Chairman of the board of Directors of Moderna Försäkringar AB.