Bela Ver

CEO Appello Hungary

Béla Vér graduated from Kandó Kálmán College where he studied Information Technology and continued his education at Corvinus University of Budapest where he acquired an MBA degree.
After spending a few years working in IT and finance, he gained professional experience and in 1998 he became one of the founders of ApPello Kft.
Since its foundation - due to the talented leadership - the small start-up has evolved into a strong SME company and a recognized financial software developer in the CEE region.
Moreover, since 2013, ApPello gained international clients (in Croatia, Czech, Romania and Slovakia) as well.
At the very beginning Béla was actively involved in software development but presently he is responsible for the business development and expansion in foreign countries.
Béla is married and he is father of twins (a daughter and a son).

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