Ron Delnevo

Executive Director Europe ATMIA (ATM Industry Association) United Kingdom

Ron Delnevo, Managing Director (UK & Europe) of Bank Machine, the company that installed the first independent ATM in the UK in 1998, has played a pivotal role in the growth of one of the most talked about financial services in the 21st Century.

A graduate of Heriot Watt University in his beloved Edinburgh, Ron worked as a consultant for Bank Machine from January 1999 and joined in a permanent capacity shortly afterwards. In June 2000 he was appointed Managing Director and since then this highly successful organisation has never looked back.
Ron is a great advocate for his industry. Ron firmly believes that UK consumers have been the main beneficiaries of Bank Machine’s industry leadership, gaining far more convenient access to cash than was available before 1998. Proud of his industry, Ron has now developed the business to the extent that more than 80% of transactions at Bank Machine ATMs are Free. As this trend continues, Bank Machine is playing an evermore important role in the provision of cash to the public in the UK.
The World’s largest independent ATM provider, Cardtronics Inc acquired Bank Machine in May 2005. However, Ron Delnevo has continued firmly at the helm and is now, by a considerable margin, the longest serving Director in the UK Independent ATM industry. Ron is Chairman of the European Board of the ATM Industry Association and Chairman of the UK Payments Council Cheque Replacement Steering Group.

Ron is an avid supporter of Manchester United, so he knows precisely what creating long term success requires.

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