Stefano Valvano

Partner and Managing Director BCG Italy

During his time with BCG, Stefano has supported all major Italian banking and insurance players, developing a significant experience in corporate strategy, marketing and sales, PMI and organizational topics, in the Italy, Greece, and Turkey (IGT) region.

Before joining BCG, Stefano spent 6 years at Accenture in the Financial Services and Strategy Practice.

His recent project experience includes:
- Customer experience assessment and study for a major Italian Bank
- Sales force effectiveness programs for the Retail network in major banking groups
- 2020 retail branch and multichannel strategy for a major Italian banking group
- Re-launch of the retail and small business of a mid-sized banking group
- Retail segmentation, commercial & growth plan for a regional Italian Bank
- Italian "country plan" for a major EU banking group, focus on cost and revenue synergies (retail, corporate)
- New service model for the Corporate & Investment banking division of a major Italian Bank
- Corporate business model, client portfolio and the organization at a regional Italian bank
- New commercial planning approach for corporate clients in a major EU banking Group
- Transformation program for the CIB branch of a major European banking Group
- Revenue synergies and collaboration between a CIB and Commercial bank Division
- Retail credit collection strategy and workout factory study for an EU Banking group
- Industrial plan for a consumer credit specialist acquired by a European banking group
- PMI for a merger between the Turkish activities of 2 European banks
- P&C bancassurance strategy and offer for a top 5 Italian bank
- 3-5 years growth plan for a mid-sized banking group
- Postal bank activities opportunities for a major EU banking group
- Opportunities to enter global wholesale debt funding markets for a major UK bank
- Build-up a pan-European factory supporting credit card/debit card/pos/atm operations

Stefano holds a degree cum laude in Business Administration from the University of Turin, which included an exchange program at CBS - Copenhagen Business School. He is also a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Turin, MBA program.