Mikhail Miroshnichenko

CEO & Co-founder Wallet Factory Poland

Mikhail is CEO and co-founder of Walletfactory.com.

Wallet Factory (part of Mobile Finance Group, MFG) is the provider of MFSE (Mobile Financial Services Enabler) – a fintech enterprise platform for Telecom, Financial, Retail and other companies that seek to establish revenue sources from a rapidly deployable, pre-integrated and customizable MFS infrastructure. MFSE makes possible for the businesses that possess large customer databases to make profit by connecting its customers to financial and other services (as part of their daily mobile activities). The platform brings consumers, service providers and other stakeholders together into a mobile ecosystem, unlocking various revenue streams.

As a multi-sided digital platform, MFSE includes the following key capabilities: digital wallet, mobile money, p2p transfers, QR payments, cashbacks, financial and non-financial mobile services.

The company has a proven track record in provision of MFS deployment and management (4 Telecom and 28 non-Telecom clients), as well as in expansion of merchants ecosystem.

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