Fahim uz Zaman

General Manager, Middle East & Africa Efma United Arab Emirates

Fahim uz Zaman has been working in financial services industry for the last 14 years, providing intelligence, knowledge and thought leadership on key issues related to industry. With his deep rooted contacts in the Middle East region, keen understanding of the culture and thorough knowledge of the industry, Fahim has helped companies in retail financial services industry succeed in their go-to-market planning, transformation, product development and branding and benchmarking initiatives. Fahim has also authored several landmark reports on consumer banking, wealth management and Islamic banking. Fahim is a frequent speaker at international conferences in Asia Pacific and Middle East region and an invited analyst on business TV programmes. Before getting relocated to Middle East, Fahim spent five years in Singapore, working in financial services industry. Previously, Fahim has worked for The Asian Banker as a senior research analyst. Fahim holds postgraduate degree in economics from National University of Singapore. Fahim is a Singapore citizen and is blessed with two playful boys and a loving wife. Golf and nature photography are Fahim's two favourite pastimes.

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