Shahzad Shahid

Chief Executive Officer TPS United Arab Emirates

Shahzad Shahid is CEO of FinTech TPS Worldwide with over 20 years of experience in the information technology and services industry across multiple geographies with a focus on digital banking and payments in emerging economies and special attention to Pakistan. He comes from a technology background and has worked in different capacities over his professional career.  

He was a founding member and a mentor in Pakistan’s first fintech accelerator, Fintech Factory, and now among the initial promoters of Pakistan Fintech Alliance (PFA). Shahzad has played an integral role in shaping the digital banking landscape in Pakistan through closely working with regulators, banks, telecos and financial institutions. He holds extensive experience working with local and international markets. Shahzad holds strong knowledge about current and future market trends of IT in general and Digital payment industry in particular.

TPS is a leading fintech from Pakistan in the space of Cards and Digital Payments solutions. TPS has its clientele across MEA and South Asia where TPS software products have been enabling the financial entities for domestic e-commerce payment gateway, national payment system, payment card issuance, digital wallets including the mobile app, bill payment system, and others. TPS is considered to be Pakistan’s most successful local company in the digital payments space and its domestically developed software products are globally used in central banks, commercial banks, telcos, and other organizations. Nationwide Integrated ATM network, immediate cross-bank funds transfers, domestic payment schemes are among some of the achievements of TPS in Pakistan.

Shahzad has been playing an active role in the development of Pakistan’s IT sector over the past decade within and beyond Pakistan and has been associated with P@SHA in different capacities over the years. He had been the elected chairman of Pakistan’s IT Trade Association (P@SHA) till Sep 2020 where continues to serve as a member of the Central Executive Committee with the responsibility of Treasurer. He is also a member of the President of Pakistan’s Taskforce on Emerging Technologies. He is a member of many committees of the Pakistan Government on e-commerce policy-making and growth. He closely works with different federal and provincial entities including the regulators to improve the business climate for IT firms and to grow the IT sector.

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