John Berry

CEO Efma United Kingdom

John is the former Managing Director and Transformation Director at the retail bank Abbey National.
During his extensive career in the bank, his roles included Sales Director, Marketing Director, Operations Director, European Director (managing businesses in Spain, France and Italy) and Managing Director. He received worldwide recognition for innovation in bringing branch franchising to UK financial services as well as changing the face of high street branches by establishing partnerships such as Costa Coffee, Safeway and Homebase.

Since retiring from Abbey at the end of 2003 John has worked throughout the world assisting retail banks to improve their performance across all channels (experience has included Africa/ SE Asia/ Australia/ Europe/ Middle East/ India and Pakistan as well as in the UK). In addition to work in the financial services arena, his expertise incorporates non-FS sectors such as retail, travel and energy where as a Director of a company called Quickheart he has helped companies dramatically improve performance, especially in the arena of sales conversions through the use of innovative ethnography research.

A knowledgeable, experienced and outspoken individual John will challenge existing approaches and methodologies to improve corporate performance through a drive for a more customer-centric approach.

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