Demetrio Migliorati

Innovation Manager & Head of Blockchain Banca Mediolanum Italy

Demetrio is a senior manager with an extensive multifunctional expertise in various industries and a solid information technology background.
• Presently Innovation Manager @Banca Mediolanum, he is passionately focused on digital transformation. Redesigning work environments enabling the creation of brand new series of digital products & services. Empowering people to innovate using technology and solutions maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, while balancing their commitment to work and personal life.
• Social business enthusiast, early adopter of whatever kind of new device, loves designing open & Arduino based IOT stuff.
• Lecturer on “Digital & Social Enterprise” and “Digital Innovation Strategy” at Venice’s Ca’Foscari University (DEL - Digital Enterprise Lab).
• Member of Lab Digital Enterprise at Milan’s Cattolica University.
• Member of the Advisory Board in Milan’s Polytechnic MIP Smartworking Observatory
• Business Unit Manager of the Educational Area at Venice’s Ca’Foscari University DEL.
• Entrepreneur, keynote speaker.

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