Gul Ebru Yalcıner

Deposit and Investment Product Management Manager Fibabanka Turkey

Ebru Yalçıner was born in 1975 in İstanbul. After completing her education at the faculty of  Economics and Administrative Sciences in Department of Economics at Koç University in 1998, she attended a course of french at Université des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg/France until the end of 1999.
In 1999, she started her career at Koçbank A.Ş Headquarters in İstanbul as MT. She worked in several retail products and services departments and at segment management department as well.
Since 2006, she’s been working at Fibabanka Headquarters as “Deposit and Investment Product Management Manager”. She carries out segment and profitability based marketing and promotional activities related to deposits, investment products and conveniency banking products/services. She launches new products and campaigns for customer acquisition and customer retention. 
Ebru Yalçıner has a son named Emir.

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