Enrique Lizaso Olmos

Founder & MD Multiverse Computing Spain

Enrique Lizaso is Founder and Managing Director of Multiverse Computing.
He holds a Degree in Mathematics from the University of Barcelona (majoring in Crypto and Mathematics of Financial Derivatives, and where he heard for the first time about Quantum Computing Algorithms), another Degree in Computer Engineering, and -not related to this field- another in Medicine from the University of Navarra.
He also holds an MBA from the IESE Business School, and a PhD in Statistics from the University of Barcelona.
Professor Lizaso has worked for more than 20 years in the Bancassurance Industry (first in Caixa Terrassa and Later in Unnim Banc where we became Deputy CEO).
He has also set up successful ventures in the field of International Health insurance.
He has also recently launched another in the field of Blockchain in Legaltech.
Professor Lizaso has taught Finance in the International Master’s degrees at the Universitat Autónoma of Barcelona, EAE Business School and currently Statistics in Mechatronic Engineering and Automobile Engineering at the University of Vic.
He has been the founding member and President of the “Quantum for Quants Commission” of the Quantum World Association – QWA, the not-for-profit association trying to link the world of Quantum Computing and Finance. He is also VP of the Quantum Blockchain Alliance, a workgroup linking both Blockchain and Quantum Computing.
And if you want to check about me & QC, see IBM (go to google and look for "IBM lizaso"; the first result should be "Getting your financial institution ready for the quantum computing revolution", on https://www.ibm.com/downloads/cas/MBZYGRKY).
Look for "lizaso" inside the IBM worldwide brochure, and you will se me (and Roman Orus, and Sam Mugel, three founders of Multiverse Computing, referred twice).
IBM cites us as the referents in appliying Quantum Computing to Finance.

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