Escolástico Sánchez Martínez

Executive Director BBVA Spain

Escolástico Sánchez is currently Leader of Research & Development Discipline in New Digital Business of BBVA.
He is a Fundamental Mathematician, with 2 master degrees and 2 US patent filed, that began working in the Financial Sector in 1998 after passing several exams to become an Inspector of the public body National Securities Exchange Commission (CNMV -Spanish equivalent to FCA in UK or SEC in the US) where he worked for 6 years, and has an integrated view of the financial sector, adding up the quantitative and realistic point of view of a portfolio manager (because of his background and after being an equity portfolio manager in the front-office of BBVA Asset Management during more than 5 years), of a risk budget officer (3 years) and the so important nowadays Legal and Compliance side of the industry (6 years).  

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